Sermon Notes Pastor Ken Swett
Romans 7:9

Dying To Live
See Luke 11:14-26 too many are held by the strong man (Satan), enslaved and do not even see the danger and doom.


1.    The Reason People are Bound

2 Corinthians 4:1-4

Romans 7:9

In one sentence, an unforgettable description of man.

Paul or someone like Paul, bound spiritually but ________________ ________________ (without the law)

Earlier in Life Paul (or whoever) kept patting himself on the back at how good they were doing keeping the Law. He (they) felt the pull of self-righteousness.

Philippians 3:4 Galatians 1:14 Luke 18 Romans 10:3

- All seemed quiet (Luke 11:21)

- Paul (& others) did not know how powerful, evil, and harsh sin was how enslaved they

actually were.

2. The Ray Of Hope

A dangerous position

- A dogmatic error

- A doctrine of hope

- A demarcation line