Sermon Notes                                                                                                   Pastor Ken Swett
Romans 7

                                  Living & Serving In The Newness Of The Spirit

7:6 Fully illustrated in Chapter 8

7:7-12 Restated with additions

7:13-25 Shows a person not living by this new power available
            (Nothing peaceful or victorious about it; not what Jesus died to give us)

             Living in the Spirit – It’s not more saved, but…

1. More informed

2. More like Jesus

3. More joy and freedom

4. More motivation

                - To seek Him

                - To trust Him

Ruth Paxon – The Cross
                 - Sin is seen at its _____________
                 - Love is seen at its ____________

Reviewing all God has done for us in Christ stirs our hearts to praise and trust, especially in times when His Glory and Presence is not seen, felt as strong.