Sermon Notes                                                                                                                          Pastor Ken
Matthew 8

                                                     Seeing Differently & Deeper – Part 2
                                                           (Better Eyesight for 2017)

Last week…
                  Nothing/No one is hopeless                                           The leper
                  Not who was expected                                                  The centurion
                  Nearby needs                                                               Peters Mother-In-Law
                  Nearly done or not                                                        Big crowd at the end of the day

                 Now not later (18-24)                                                    Tough words spoken

                 Nauseating but nice (23-27)                                          In a storm

                                    When in a storm…
                                                              Hold on to Him
                                                              Know He is _______________ __________________
                                                              Ok to be a bit ______________________
                                                              Be excited about the forthcoming story you’ll have

                Nonsense or spiritual sense (28-34)

                                   Demons / pigs / child of God